9/29/2020 Work Session Minutes
5:30 PM at North Park

Attending: Jess Lovelace, Patti Kelley, Mark Loy, Janelle Paccione, Grace Young, Stan
Montoya, Heather Heath

1. Advisory board- Benton and Christy moving out of state. Next meeting will discuss
adding more advisory members.
2. Follow-up to Neal Walter’s comments at meeting on 9/15, clarifying the facts of water
and maintenance of the Community Fields which are contrary to Mr. Neal’s comments.
3. We are still waiting on RGC for their decision.
4. GOCO is aware of community complains regarding neglect of the property.
5. No work session will be scheduled regarding the Pee Wee program. High Valley
manages the program.
6. Potential opportunity to lease fields for Pee Wee sports can be considered. .
7. Still investigating cost of bike rack for the river. A proposal to the town will need to be

Adjourned 6:30 PM. Next board meeting 10/20/2020 at North Mountain Park.

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