D Mountain Park & Rec District


24 September 2019; 5 pm


  1. Welcome

  2. Approval of Minutes from Last Meeting – August 8, 2019; attached herewith 

  3. Audit report – not heard anything yet

  4. Update on Conservation Trust Fund

    1. $3,775,58 received for third quarter

    2. $13,303.30 balance of CTF funds

    3. New W-9 Form 

    4. New Formulaic Distributions Portal – Account Created

  5. Update on potato barns

  6. Update on land between high school and tennis courts

  7. How to move forward? 

  8. Next meeting: Tuesday, October 22, 2019; 5 pm



Present: Benton, Bernadette, Patti, Grace, Stan, Christie joined at 6 p.m.

  1. Grace welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming.


Benton gave Grace $20 for the PO box, and Grace gave him $4.00 back, so she owes him $2.00 more. Patti said she would send a check to Grace’s home.


  1. Bernadette moved to accept the minutes from the August 8, 2019 meeting. Patti seconded, and the motion carried unanimously. 


  1. Grace reported that she had not yet gotten a response from the State Auditor as to whether DMPRD’s Exemption from Audit had been accepted. 


  1. Grace reported that DMPRD received a third CTF distribution, and we now have $13,303.30 in our account. She also reported that the check came to her home address, so she contacted DOLA to request a change of address, for which she had to complete a new W-9 form. She also said that DOLA had informed her that she needed to conform with their new website and create an account, which she did.


  1. Patti reported that there are concerns with the idea of a rec center in the potato barns. She said the barns do not have utilities, plumbing or sewer hook-up. There is also the problem of there not being access to the north of the building, because that land is owned by the railroad. So there would not be the possibility of public access to the river. 


It would be expensive to connect to utilities, she reported.


There was a question as to whether the property was in the flood plain, but Benton got online and was able to determine that it is not in the flood plain. 


Patti met with Town Administrators Ramona and Bernie about the property. They told her that a number of entities are interested in the property, and they told Patti that they would not sell it cheap because they paid $500,000 for it, which includes a well on the property. 


  1. We also discussed the property east of the tennis courts that the Forest Service is in the process of acquiring. Patti reported that she had met with Martha Williamson, ranger for the divide district, who suggested Patti talk with Tom Malicheck of the Forest Service. Patti said she would arrange a meeting. 


  1. Patti introduced the idea of a building a pool instead of a rec center. She said she had been in contact with a number of community members who feel that a pool would be used more than a rec center. A discussion about a pool ensued. 


Concern was raised about the cost to build and operate. Everyone agreed we should do some research. Grace said she would find five or six pools to call, and she would email everyone with the list and each board member choose one to call to ask questions. 


Patti raised the concern that if we want to go on the ballot, we may need to meet more than once a month. Grace said she would like to wait to decide if we want to do that until after the New Year. 


We discussed whether it would be possible to have a walking track in the facility and a weight/machine area. 


Benton reported on costs to do small projects. His list with costs can be found on the next page. The group agreed that we would come back to these ideas at our next or future meeting. 


  1. At 6:40 p.m., Bernadette moved to adjourn. Benton seconded. The motion carried unanimously. 


Respectfully submitted,


Patti Kelley

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