D Mountain Park & Rec District


22 October 2019; 5 pm


  1. Welcome

  2. Approval of Minutes from Last Meeting – September 24, 2019; attached herewith 

  3. Updates about rec centers with pools – each member reports

  4. Consulting firm Ballard and King and their services

  5. How to move forward? 

  6. New address form for DN Bank – Grace brings along for Bernadette to sign

  7. Next meeting: Tuesday, November 19th, 2019; 5 pm



Present: Benton, Bernadette, Patti, Grace, Stan, Christy joined later

  1. At 5:04 Grace convened the meeting and welcomed everyone. 


She ponied up and gave Benton $2.00 she owed him for the post office box. 


  1. Stan moved to accept the minutes from the September 24, 2019 meeting with the change of the correct spelling of Christy’s name. Bernadette seconded, and the motion carried unanimously. 


  1. Each member who had been in contact with rec centers gave reports. Grace started with a report about Meeker’s rec center, and then followed with a report about South Park’s rec center. Benton gave a report about Delta’s rec center. Patti reported on her visit to Cortez’s rec center. (At the end of this document are the emails that circulated with information about each of these centers.) 


  1. Grace reported on her conversation with Ken Ballard of King and Ballard Inc. (Her email report is also attached at the end of these minutes.) She reported that Ken Ballard said they could do a feasibility study for us for about $10,000. Grace said Ken reported that it would be very hard to build a rec center with a pool for $2 million. 


  1. A lively discussion ensued about how to move forward. It ranged from whether we should try to renovate the old middle school and work with HVCC to building our own facility here in Del Norte to working with Monte Vista to see if they wanted to be included in the district. This would increase the assessed value and allow for building a larger rec center with more amenities.  


In order to gather more input and to figure out how to move forward, we agreed to hold a community meeting on Thursday, January 30th, 2020 at the Annex. The following responsibilities were agreed to:

  • Everyone would invite their people to the meeting. 

  • Everyone would personally make phone calls and try to ensure their people come. 

  • Grace will call Mike Hurst, Arlene Harms and Cory Off. 

  • Patti will contact Stan Johnson, Stan Tucker, Val Alto, Bill Dunn, and Bill Miller. 

  • Grace will call to reserve the Annex. 

  • Benton will talk with Davey Colville, David and Kevin Off.

  • Grace will place the date for the meeting as a PSA in the newspapers and on the MV 96.5 radio.

  • Patti will ask to have a flyer announcing the meeting in the January 2020 Town’s water bill.


It was agreed that our next meeting would be changed to November 12th at 5 p.m., and we would discuss the details of the planned January community meeting at that time. The location for our next meeting may need to be moved as renovations are now taking place for the Head Start program to occupy the Mesa Building.  Bernadette will let us know.


  1. Bernadette signed the DN Bank document so that the address of DMPRD can be changed on the bank account to our new P.O. box number. At 6:40 p.m. Bernadette moved to adjourn. Benton seconded. The motion carried unanimously. 


  1. We confirmed that the next meeting would be November 12th at 5 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Patti Kelley




Grace’s Report:

Hello Everybody,


I have talked with Meeker and with South Park. Meeker is way outside our ball park -- the assessed value of their district is $1 billion, due to the oil and gas. They assess 5.5 mills and get $5 million to work with for a huge facility with a four lane lap pool, a leisure pool with an 18 foot slide, a small lazy river with a kiddy slide, a hot tub; the aquatic component is 12,000 square feet and the whole building is 25,000 square feet. They also have additional park areas that are supported by the $5 million. Sean was the person I spoke with, and he suggested I speak with South Park because of its size.


The South Park district's assessed value is $204,552,000. (Ours is $25,279,000.) They assess just one mill, but then have people pay more at the door. (They sent us their budgets.) They have two lap lanes, a water slide, and some water-spray fountains, CARDIOVASCULAR EQUIPMENT and a CIRCUIT WEIGHTS AREA. Their facility is just 7500 square feet. 

Benton’s Report

Regarding my phone call to the Delta recreation center, see the notes below:

I spoke with Wilma Erven, the Director. She said their recreation facility was under construction 28-26 years ago (2 years of construction). The whole facility was $4 million, which originally included 56,000 sqft. She does not know the cost of just the pool component. Their facility does include meeting and conference rooms, gyms, fitness rooms and pools. The pools include a 6-lane lap pool, a lazy river, a toddler pool, and a wellness pool which is warm water and 3,000 sqft. The pools cost $487k to run annually. In 2015, they constructed a $3million, 6,000 sqft addition. She said that they currently have 67,000 sqft. Those numbers don't quite add up, perhaps there were other smaller addtions, or her recollection of the square footage was not quite accurate. 

Wilma explained that the rec center was started when a community group assembled, seeking initially a place for kids to recreate, but then later also catering to an older population. The group proposed a 1% sales tax increase to support the rec center for 15 years. They have since had to ask for two extensions, the second extension being an extension in perpetuity. They had no resistance, but actually enthusiasm for the tax to support the rec center. The rec center produces "a lot" of income for the community and has experienced lots of growth. They have had to move fitness classes into the gymnasium, as an example.

Wilma said that the rec center is run off sales taxes, which in 2018 generated $1.85million. Wilma also explained that the entire parks and recreation department (this includes the rec center and all outdoor parks, ball fields and facilities) costs $3million annually to operate. These numbers also do not add up, but perhaps revenue from entry fees makes up the remainder.

Wilma said she is happy to help with further questions and ideas. She said she helped Fruita get their rec center built. She is available during normal business hours and just asks that we leave a message and she will return calls. She is also available Monday and Wednesday evenings as well. I suggested that others in our group with more astute, political-based questions, may reach out to her. She was very pleasant to speak with.

Wilma Erven 970-874-0923  



Patti’s report

I've not been able to reach anyone at Cortez pool.  I've left several messages and no one has called back.  I even stopped by there this week and the manager wasn't there.  I took myself on a little tour and by the looks of it it's a huge operation with a couple of pools, kids pool, I think saunas and such and an enormous rec center attached.  I don't think it would be a comparable pool to consider as a role model.  Lord knows where and how they got their funding.

Christy’s Report

Here is the information I gathered from Woodland Park Pool:

-Opened in fall of 2017 after the idea was first proposed in the 1940s.

-Roughly $13.7 million center with 6 lane lap pool, diving board, leisure pool with lazy river, 20 ft tunnel slide, and a gizmo/gadget area for kids. (No additional Rec center amenities) 

-27,000 square ft facility (quite large) 

-In 2014, a bond issue passed that would allow the city of Woodland Park to increase its debt to 10.1 million to pay most of the cost. The measure did not raise taxes.

-Two earlier ballot initiatives failed (increase in property taxes & sales tax proposals)

-There were about $700,000 in donations, along from money from the city’s saving funds.

-The facility is expected to cost the city about $140,000 annually to operate. The bond used towards the pool will eventually be paid off using sales and property tax revenues that the city already collects. 

-I can provide their daily rates if needed. This just seems out of our ballpark.


Grace’s Phone Call with Ken Ballard, CPRP



2743 E. Ravenhill Cir.

Highlands Ranch, CO  80126

(303) 470-8661

(303) 808-2697 Cell



“Ballard*King & Associates is a recreation consulting firm specializing in recreation and sports feasibility studies, parks and/or recreation master plans, operational audits and assessments for recreation, sports and wellness facilities, and management solutions for parks and recreation departments or organizations. Explore our site and services, then let B*K help move you forward!”


Phone Call 10.7.2019 10 a.m. to 10:20 p.m.


They do a four pronged study with the following components:

Market Study

Operational Plan

Funding Aspect

Partnerships Aspect


Their cost depends on the scope of services they are contracted for, whether all four of the above aspects, or two.


The cheapest would be about $10,000 for the Market Study and the Operational Plan, the most expensive $20,000 for all four. 


They could put a proposal together for us and we could decide what components we would want them to do.


Deliverables: A Feasibility Study with an Executive Summary


They do not deal with the architectural aspects or the capital costs.

They study how and whether the project fits with the community’s needs and the ability of the community to fund from an operational standpoint and bond standpoint. For example, how could the community deal with an operational shortfall? What is the potential for other sources? What can the market support based on the community’s size/location and the size of the proposed facility and cost to operate? Are there partnerships available to help fund the building and operations? Are there grants? Are there viable local partners? 


They could help determine what the amount of mills should be based on legal aspects, needs, ability of voters to support it. They would work to match the project to the mills. 


They would visit between one and three times, depending on the scope of work and depending on how much community input they would need to orchestrate through community meetings. This would depend on how much engagement was already present, whether surveys had been conducted, whether meetings had taken place. Meetings are expensive and time consuming. He suggested between three and four months of time for turn around document. 


The Feasibility Study should answer all voters’ questions. 


They would not determine whether a particular site is better or worse in terms of construction costs, but they would say whether its location was good or bad in terms of attracting users – so marketing type issues. 


Asked whether they have done projects of $1 million, he said you cannot build an indoor pool for $1 million or even probably $2 million due to the required locker room space, cost of building to house it, other requirements of such facilities, etc.

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